Thank You For Thanking Us: East Boston Community Recognizes BPD Officers for Heroism and Bravery During October Shooting Incident

ThankYouForThankingUs: Nearly seven months after Boston Police Officers Matt Morris and Richie Cintolo were shot during an altercation with an armed gunman in East Boston on October 12, 2016, today, members of the East Boston community honored two of the officers who responded to the call and were instrumental in saving their lives. Today, the Bay State Chapter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge honored and recognized Officer Clift Singletary and Sergeant Norberto Perez for the courage, valor and bravery displayed on that fateful day in saving the lives of Officers Morris and Cintolo.  Singletary and Perez entered the location, applied tourniquets and dragged both officers to safety while a third officer exchanged gunfire with the suspect. Said Commissioner Evans, “I can’t say enough about the heroism and bravery shown by all of my officers on that day, especially, the efforts made by Clift, Noberto and Eric. There is no question that were it not for them, this incident could’ve had a dramatically different result and I’m grateful to see them continue to get some highly-deserved recognition for the decisions and actions they took to protect their fellow officers.”