One Less Gun: Illegal Firearm Recovered Near Group of Juveniles in J.P.

At about 9:00 PM on Friday, January 20, 2017, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to a radio call for a large group in the stairwell in the area of 146 Heath Street.

Upon arrival, officers observed several individuals through the window on the third floor. Upon seeing the officers, half of the group attempted to flee on foot to the roof and down an adjacent stairwell, while the other half made their way to the ground level. Officers eventually stopped all six individuals in the group. A canvas of both stairwells produced a loaded black 5-shot revolver with an owl insignia but no make or model visible. Due to the seriousness of being in the presence of an unsecured, loaded firearm, five juveniles were identified, transported to District E-13, and four were released to the custody of their parents. The fifth juvenile was found to have an active default Warrant for Malicious Destruction of Property out of Suffolk County Juvenile Court, and he was arrested and detained. The sixth individual, an adult, was identified and released forthwith.