District C-11 | Dorchester


Commander, District C-11


40 Gibson Street
Dorchester, MA 02122

Welcome to the District C-11 Neighborhood Web Page. District C-11 is one of the largest Police Districts in the City of Boston with dedicated Boston Police Officers, who under oath, swore to provide our city’s neighborhoods with unbiased policing through procedural justice.

The history of Dorchester’s various neighborhoods and businesses provides a wide spectrum of ethnic culture and diversity. To enhance our relationships, create an environment of trust, and empower our neighbors, our Community Service Office staff engage in over 50 community meetings monthly, which allow us to partner with our seniors, community residents, and business, as well as the faith-based leaders of Dorchester. Developing enriched partnerships through transformational leadership is the quintessential way for us to empower this community and provide the residents of Dorchester with, not only Crime Prevention and Safety Tips, but also a direct line of communication between the Boston Police and the neighborhood residents. Communication is the life-blood of our neighborhood. 

If any issue is creating a problem in your neighborhood, we want to know about it and resolve it. We believe the best resolution is an empowered community. We encourage you to talk with us, the dedicated officers of C-11, when you bump into us in your neighborhood. We will work with you relentlessly in order to resolve problems and to improve the quality life in all of Dorchester’s neighborhoods.

Captain Tim Connolly



Contact Information:

Front Desk(617) 343-4330
Drug Control Unit(617) 343-4819
Detectives(617) 343-4335
Auto Investigations(617) 343-4314
Property Clerk(617) 343-4330
Youth Service Office(617) 343-4906
Social Worker(617) 343-5383
Detail Room(617) 343-4343
Domestic Violence(617) 343-4786
Community Service(617) 343-4524
Community Disorder Unit(617) 343-4527