Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis

Management responsibility for implementing data and information fusion and facilitating the sharing of homeland security-related and crime-related information and intelligence.  BIA manages the overarching process of coordinating the flow of information across all bureaus of the department and across all levels and sectors of government and private industry.  Bureau efforts support risk-based, information-driven decision making and addresses immediate and/or threat-related circumstances and events by producing real-time, actionable intelligence products. 

The Bureau mission is to improve the ability to prevent criminal activity and safeguard our homeland.  The Boston Police Department, through BIA, is the managing authority of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center – a Department of Homeland Security designated urban area fusion center.

Paul Fitzgerald

Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC)

Responsible for coordinating a regional intelligence capability in Boston and the surrounding Metropolitan area.  The BRIC collaborates with local, state and federal law enforcement, public safety and private sector resources from the nine city UASI region for the purpose of preventing and responding to all threats, hazards and crimes.  The BRIC Division includes the Intelligence Group, Field Operations Group, Technical Services Group, and the Critical Infrastructure and Support Services Group.

Intelligence Group
Analytical component of the Bureau responsible for planning and direction, data collection and processing, analysis and production, and dissemination. The analytical process of the Intelligence Group drives the collection responsibilities of the Field Operations Division. Further responsibilities include developing and managing analytical search tools, Intelligence databases, GIS tools and the Real Time Crime Center.
Field Operations Group
Responsible for field collections, monitoring and review of criminal activity and counter-terrorism. Develops leads into potential criminal enforcement and provides that information to relevant units or outside agencies including the FBI Joint Terrorism task Force for enforcement action. Through involvement with other local, state, federal and private sector partners, detectives facilitate the sharing of criminal intelligence to all necessary entities including The US Department of Homeland Security and the National Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative. Field Operations Division provides resources to internal and external emergency preparedness requirements and also manages the Bureau’s human intelligence efforts.
Technical Services Group
The Technical Services Group is the Boston Police Department’s designated technical surveillance support entity. Responsibilities include training, deploying, maintaining, and reporting on all use of sophisticated electronic investigative equipment. Personnel will maintain and educate BPD users in the core competencies and technical skill sets to assure mission readiness and expertise in the following areas: legal use, deployment, installation and analysis of departmental GPS equipment, covert listening devices, surveillance platform and associated equipment, covert camera and pole camera equipment, and communication analysis and exploitation hardware and software. Group does not manage issues related to the collection and/or disclosure of evidence.
Critical Infastructure and Support Services Group
Responsible for managing an information and data protection program that enhances critical infrastructure information sharing between the police department and the private sector. Group is required to collect, analyze and secure critical infrastructure data and protected systems, identify vulnerabilities and develop risk assessments, and enhance recovery preparedness measures. Support services include managing the security requirements involving classified rooms and the handling and storing of classified materials as well as Bureau and departmental requirements specific to intelligence based training and education.